Professional Aquarium Maintenance

Professional Aquarium Maintenance Service MI

Detroit Aquarium Company is a Professional Aquarium Maintenance Service Company here in Michigan unlike any other around. We ore than just an aquarium cleaning service, we offer a full line of professional Aquarium Services including custom built acrylic tanks, sump filter tanks and coral inserts . Contact us today 586-791-3900 for a free in home or office visit to bid on your aquarium maintenance needs.

Whether your tank is big or small, our Aquarium Maintanance services will help you keep your aquarium livestock happy and healthy with a clean, and fresh environment. Maintaining a proper pH, Nitrate balance, clean surfaces, and clear water can be difficult, but we’re here to help. Contact Us Today!

There’s no getting around it. Cleaning a aquarium or fish tank is hard work! That’s where we come in. Our professional aquarium cleaning service is the best around. Always on time appointment kept, no exceptions..Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your aquarium and let us do the dirty work. We’ll assess your system and offer our expert aquarium advice on the ways you can improve your aquarium for years to come.We help accomplish the goal of reducing the rate that nutrients rise in your aquarium, benefits you can expect:

  • Reduced algae growth and a cleaner aquarium system.
  • Increased rates of calcification leading to healthier corals.
  • Proliferation of coralline algae in your reef system.

    Services We Provide:

    • Exterior aquarium surface cleaning & maintenance

    • Interior aquarium surface/clean acrylic

    • Aquarium covers

    • Light fixtures

    • Filters

    • All types of mechanical & chemical modules


    • Chemical balance
    • Water temperature
    • Filter flow

    Fish and Product included

    • Head count

    • Disease watch

    • Replacement of sick fish

    • All types of frozen food

    • Flake staple food

    • Medications

    • Chemical media

    • Mechanical media

      We Offer Basic and Custom Aquarium Service Plans

      For our basic plans, you’re responsible for purchasing the fish, foods, and other supplies needed for your tank, but we’ll keep your aquarium in pristine condition! If these plans aren’t what you’re looking for, we can work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that you won’t have do anything but sit back and enjoy your underwater world.

      Contact our team today to discuss your saltwater, freshwater or marine reef aquarium’s needs. Our team looks forward to assisting you!