Custom Aquariums, Custom Made Acrylic Fish Tanks MI

Michigan Custom Aquarium Builders

Detroit Aquarium Co is the manufacturer for Custom Built Aquariums, Sump Tanks and Coral Inserts for some of Michigan’s elite people. Our Custom Aquariums are unique in the fact we can build to order practically any size with multiple Acrylic Aquarium Material options and at the same time have unmatched strength and integrity. Contact us today or give us a call and our experts will help you configure your dream Custom Fish Aquarium today!

This 450 gallon half cylinder custom built aquarium sets this stair case off in a home out in Bloomfield Twp Mi.

Here’s a custom built 400 gallon half cylinder reef aquarium right here in good olé Michigan!, installed and maintained custom 400 gallon half cylinder reef right here in good olé Michigan!

We build custom coral inserts for some of Michigan’s elite people.

Working closely with top designers, builders and architects, Detroit Aquarium Co creates one-of-a-kind Custom Tanks, as well as engineering and installing Custom Aquariums in existing structures. The ultimate in residential, commercial, and institutional aquatic displays ranging from 150 to over 5000 gallons and beyond.

Our designs encompass the latest technology in lighting, filtration design, cabinetry, monitoring, plumbing, electrical and aquascaping. We provide all services necessary to bring the aquarium of your dreams to life.