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Custom Built Aquariums Made In Michigan

Our team of Michigan Aquarium Experts are prepared to meet the unique needs of aquatic enthusiasts and professionals and the challenges presented by architects, designers and contractors looking for a one-of-a-kind Custom Built Acrylic Aquarium. Our many years of experience in all aquatic environments ranging from freshwater planted aquariums to ultra High-End Coral Reef Aquariums and everything in between is applied to every project to ensure our customers receive an Aquarium designed for superior performance.

Our Tanks Are Flexible, They Can Be Made Into Any Shape Or Size. They Are Strong, Durable And Easy To Maintain. 

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This Custom Built Aquarium is in the Heart of Macomb County MI Was Custom Built From The Tank, Stand, Canopy And Filtration System And Professionally Maintained By Us.
Here’s a custom built 400 gallon half cylinder reef aquarium right here in good olé Michigan!, installed and maintained custom 400 gallon half cylinder reef right here in good olé Michigan!
We build custom coral inserts for some of Michigan’s elite people. We brought in a custom cabinet maker who built this beautiful custom stand and canopy in Clinton Twp MI. The owner is so happy with the build. If you want to visit the home to veiw the project, the home owner will gladly let you see our work hand on.


We Manufacture Custom Filtration Systems…

From nano to beast size and custom like never seen in this industry… The original and best sumps on earth