Custom Built Acrylic Fish Tanks


Custom Built Aquariums In Michigan

We don’t just Build Aquariums, We Build Custom Made To Order Acrylic Aquariums and Sump Filter Tanks. Our production team works with many outside vendors for filtration and custom reef inserts to deliver you a completed aquarium ready to be setup in your home or business. Custom Aquarium Builders has been a longtime leader here in Michigan for the design and fabrication of Custom Acrylic Aquariums and related products, focusing on attention to detail, highest quality, reasonable lead times, competitive pricing, and overall customer satisfaction.

Only Quality Acrylic Used Here

We use only full gauge, high quality acrylics in the construction of our Custom Built Aquariums. These acrylics are all produced from either Polycast, Plexiglas, or Reynolds brand acrylics. These brands of acrylics are widely recognized by reputable Aquarium Manufacturers and the plastics industry as the highest quality acrylics available. No off-brand or imported acrylics allowed in our facility. Insist that your investment is produced from a quality product, as no other will perform as well in the long run as what we use.

Our Michigan Custom Aquarium Builders – Guarantee –

Or Custom Built Michigan Aquariums are guaranteed for a lifetime against leakage due to manufacturer’s defect. Our Tanks are built from thicknesses acrylic needed for tank size and are proven to hold up well over time. We will not quote a tank built with thinner materials just to reduce cost or make a sale. The single biggest factor you can do as a consumer when looking for a new tank is ask about acrylic thickness, and make sure you are comparing apples to apples when getting quotes from multiple fabricators. Purchasing a tank built from an inferior thickness to save money is probably the biggest mistake you could make, as there is a good chance it will be much more expensive in the long run. If the fabricator doesn’t specify, make sure to ask.

Here’s a custom 400 gallon Custom Reef Aquarium built right here in good olé Michigan!, installed and maintained by Detroit Aquarium Company.
This Custom Built Aquarium, Stand, Canopy and Insert was Made For an Elite Customer in Clinton Twp MI. 


Custom Built Life Support Systems

We build Custom Sump Tanks to order for the best life support system possible for your new Custom Built Aquarium. If you are spending the money for a custom built tank you don’t want to buy a cheep “off the shelf” filter system. Our life support systems are the best in the business. We custom build these filters from the ground up, and sell exclusively to our clientele.

We as hobbyists ourselves realize that regardless of how many standard size sump tanks we offer, there will always be several situations that require customization. We thrive on creating any and everything that is not standard. We have no boundaries when it comes to custom filtration. From simple modifications to complete redesign or one of our custom systems, our compan has the minds and machinery to make anything possible.

  • DIFFICULT = We do everyday!
  • IMPOSSIBLE = Just takes us a little longer!

we offer The most diverse and techically engineered life support system the aquarium industry has ever offered.

The most diverse and techically engineered life support system the aquarium industry has ever offered, built right here in Michigan.
From nano to beast size and custom like never seen in this industry… The original and best sumps on earth