Whether your tank is big or small, our Aquarium Maintanance services will help you keep your aquarium livestock happy and healthy with a clean, and fresh environment. Maintaining a proper pH, Nitrate balance, clean surfaces, and clear water can be difficult, but we’re here to help. Contact Us Today

Michigan Aquarium Maintenance Services

The most important thing to do in keeping your fish,corals and water healthy is keeping your aquarium clean. Regular Aquarium Maintenance is key to keeping an Aquarium or Fish Tank environment safe. Most Aquarium owners here in Michigan don’t give much thought to Aquarium Maintenance. Most homeowners think that having a filter and some bottom feeding fish to pick up stuff that falls is good enough. Well you are wrong. The only way to keep your tank sparkling clean is doing maintenance.

Unlike rivers, streams or oceans, Aquariums have a small amount of water in a closed system, and it becomes dirty quite quickly. Nothing goes into or out of the tank unless you have a hand in making it happen. Filters certainly help, but if not maintained filter media becomes clogged and can cause more harm than good. Meanwhile fish continue to produce waste, uneaten food decays, and potentially harmful byproducts slowly build up in the tank. The only way an Aquarium will remain clean is if you take the time to perform Aquarium Maintenance on a regular basis. Otherwise, over time the habitat will become less and less healthy for fish and even some corals .

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Whether you’re looking for a hands-on approach to maintaining your aquarium or a hands-off approach, we have, or can design a Aquarium Maintenance plan to fit your budget, schedule, and aquarium.

We Offer Basic and Custom Aquarium Maintenance Plans

For our basic Aquarium Maintenance plan, you would be responsible for purchasing the fish, foods, and other supplies, but we’ll keep your aquarium pristine! If these plans aren’t what you’re looking for, we can work with you to create a Custom Aquarium Maintenance Plan that you won’t have do anything but sit back an enjoy your beautiful tank.

Contact our team today to discuss your saltwater, freshwater or marine reef aquarium’s needs. Our team looks forward to assisting you!

Our All-Inclusive Aquarium Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Exterior aquarium surface cleaning

  • Interior aquarium surface cleaning

  • Aquarium covers wiped down

  • Light fixtures & bulb replacement

  • Filters changed, cleaned

  • All types of mechanical & chemical modules

Water Testing

  • Chemical balance
  • Water temperature
  • Filter flow

Fish and Product included

  • Head count

  • Disease watch

  • Replacement of sick fish

  • All types of frozen food provided 

  • Medications as needed

  • Chemical media

  • Mechanical media

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